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What are the premium perks?
What are the premium perks?

Will I get a certificate when I finish?

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🥜 In a nutshell:

When you complete a course, you will receive perks including continued course access, a premium certificate, a personalized reference letter, bonus content, and a job kit with tools to aid career advancement. You will also gain access to MyFolio, our portfolio website builder so you can start to build your professional portfolio.

Upon successful completion of your course at EntryLevel, you will be eligible to receive our premium perks. These special benefits are designed to enhance your professional portfolio and support your career advancement.

What are the premium perks?

Here’s what you can look forward to as part of the premium perks package:

  1. Premium certificate:

    • Receive a distinguished premium certificate that showcases your achievement. This certificate enhanced with badges is designed to stand out in your professional profile and stand you out among other job applicants.

  2. Continued access to course content:

    • Gain ongoing access to the course materials even after completion of your course. This allows you to revisit and review lessons at your own pace, ensuring you can refresh your knowledge and skills as needed.

  3. Reference letter from the EntryLevel team:

    • Obtain a personalized reference letter from our team. This letter will highlight your skills, dedication, and performance throughout the course and serve as a strong endorsement of your professional capabilities.

  4. Job kit (Printables):

  5. Leverage a comprehensive job kit that includes printables such as resume templates, cover letter guidelines, and interview preparation materials. These tools are designed to assist you in your job search and ensure you present yourself effectively to potential employers.

What are bonus modules?

From the moment you enroll, you gain access to a vast array of Bonus Content, enriching your learning further with additional resources, guides, and extra materials.

Click on the Bonus Modules tab on the left and you can instantly access the:

  • Job Hacking Playbook,

  • Interview Acer Guide,

  • LinkedIn Personal Branding Masterclass,

  • and a guide on using AI as your apprentice.

Successfully completing and passing the course will unlock even more course specific Bonus Content.

What is MyFolio?

MyFolio is EntryLevel's mobile-friendly portfolio website builder, with templates that make it easy to get started on your career journey and put a professional foot forward.

These Premium Perks are our way of saying congratulations and supporting you as you step into the next phase of your professional journey. They are crafted to provide tangible benefits that will aid in your career development long after you have completed your course with us.

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