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Are your courses free?
Are your courses free?

Can I get a free course or some financial assistance to take your courses?

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EntryLevel courses aren't free. Entry fees help us provide top-quality resources, instruction, and support. They give you access to quality content, project feedback, a certificate, a personalized reference letter and lots of career resources.

No, our courses at EntryLevel are not free.

Why do we charge a fee?

Each of our courses requires an entry fee to be paid prior to enrollment. This fee supports the comprehensive resources, expert instruction, and robust support systems we provide. It's why you can count on high-quality content from us!

What you'll get for your entry fee

This fee gives you access to high-quality textual and video course content, a hands-on project, and a chance to lots of benefits, including:

Access to high-quality content: Enrolling in our courses grants access to top-notch textual and video content. Taught by industry experts, the courses are comprehensive materials designed to enhance your tech skill.

Hands-on project opportunities: You'll participate in hands-on tasks tailored to reinforce your newly acquired knowledge throughout the course. This way you get the chance to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, gaining practical skills crucial for your career.

Work portfolio: By the end of the course, we guide you to put together your tasks into a portfolio that you can use to showcase your new skills to a potential employer, guaranteed to grab their attention.

AI Portfolio Checker feedback: You will be able to submit your final portfolio to our AI Portfolio checker for constructive feedback. Refine your portfolio with insights from advanced technology, ensuring they meet professional standards.

Premium certificate: Upon successful completion of your course with a passing grade from the AI Portfolio Checker, you will receive a premium certificate recognizing your achievement.

Reference letter: Additionally, you'll obtain a personalized reference letter highlighting your skills and accomplishments, an invaluable asset in your job search.

Free career resources: You'll also unlock access to rich career resources aimed at boosting your professional profile. You can leverage the tools and guidance to showcase your skills effectively and advance your career trajectory.

Where can you see the pricing of a course?

To see the pricing, detailed schedules, and curriculum for any course, simply visit EntryLevel Courses. After you select a course, you'll easily find all the necessary details, including the fee in your local currency, where available.

We are committed to providing valuable and accessible educational experiences. If you have any questions regarding fees or program details or need assistance, our support team is readily available to help.

We're only an email away: [email protected]

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