How do Referrals work?

Can I join a course for free, or get a discount if I'm not financially capable of paying for a course?

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🥜 In a nutshell:

When you refer friends to EntryLevel, you'll earn rewards like career tools, discounts on your next course or even completely free courses. You must sign up for a free account to get a personalized referral code which you can share.

At EntryLevel, we believe in rewarding our community for helping us grow. Our referral program is a fantastic opportunity for you and your friends to benefit from our growing learning community. Here’s how it works:

Discounts for friends

Any friends you refer to our courses will receive a 10% discount on their entry fee. This makes it easier for you to onboard them to start their educational journey with us.

Rewards for you

Each referral brings you closer to earning exciting rewards. For example, if 8 of your friends enroll in our courses using your referral code, your next course entry fee will be waived, and you'll be eligible to receive all the premium perks for free upon graduation.

Available rewards

Our referral rewards range from enhanced educational tools to additional course benefits:

  • Job search tools & printables: Useful resources to aid in your career search.

  • Discounted entry fee: Reduced fees for further learning.

  • Free courses: Complimentary access to one of our courses, with 100% free discount.

Getting your referral code

  1. Register for a free account: Start by creating an account at EntryLevel at no cost. You can enroll to create an account or if you have already have an account, you can simply log in.

  2. Find your referral code: Once registered, you can access your referral code by clicking on your profile picture at the top right of your dashboard and selecting the "Refer a friend" tab or you can get it directly via this link.

  3. Track your referrals: The 'Refer a friend' tab allows you to see who has used your link and the rewards you've earned. This feature makes it easy to encourage friends who haven't yet signed up to do so.

  4. Redeem your rewards: Once you reach certain milestones with your referrals, you can claim various rewards.

No time limit

Your referral code never expires, allowing you to refer friends at any pace while giving your friends time to join in any month using your code so you can earn your reward.

Start your referral journey by creating a free account and begin to share your personalized referral code today. It’s a win-win situation: You help friends advance their careers while earning rewards that enhance your own learning experience with EntryLevel.

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