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I have no experience in the career field, can I still apply?
I have no experience in the career field, can I still apply?

Can I take the course as a complete beginner?

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๐Ÿฅœ In a nutshell:
We welcome newcomers to our beginner-friendly courses, offering a change of mind period for a risk-free start to your learning journey.

Absolutely! EntryLevel's programs are specifically designed to welcome newcomers to various fields. If you have an interest in a particular area and access to the internet, you are already well-prepared to start your learning journey with us.

Beginner-friendly courses

Our courses are crafted to be accessible to beginners, providing a solid foundation and clear explanations to help you understand and engage with the material effectively. This makes our courses a great starting point if you are exploring a new career path.

Course variability

While our offerings are generally beginner-friendly, it is important to note that some courses may be slightly more advanced and require basic pre-existing knowledge or skills in the field. To ensure a good fit, we highly recommend reviewing the specific requirements and details provided in each course curriculum. This will help you understand what is expected and whether you might need to brush up on some basics before moving to the more advanced courses.

Change of mind period

We understand that starting a new field can be daunting and that sometimes a course might not meet your expectations or fit your skill level. To address this, we offer a 14-day change of mind period. If you begin a course and find it too challenging, you have the option to withdraw during this period and receive a refund, providing you consume less than 30% of the course before opting out.

At EntryLevel, we are committed to making education accessible and attainable for learners of all backgrounds. Whether you're completely new to a field or looking to build upon your skills, we are here to support your educational and career aspirations.

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