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What is EntryLevel?
What is EntryLevel?

How is EntryLevel different from others? Can EntryLevel help me get my dream job?

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🥜 In a nutshell:

EntryLevel helps you learn and get experience so you can get hired in tech. We offer beginner-friendly, 6 week courses that guide you to create a portfolio you can show off to employers. Your career journey starts here!

EntryLevel is an innovative learning platform committed to empowering individuals who are seeking new career opportunities. Our mission is to help you discover and transition into your next job by providing targeted training with practical projects that mimic real-world tasks and responsibilities of specific professions.

Course design and goals

Our courses are meticulously crafted to teach you the essential fundamentals of a role through simulated experiences. By engaging in our courses, you're not just learning in a traditional sense; you're actively performing tasks that you would encounter in the actual job environment. This practical approach helps you build the necessary skills and experience to successfully land your first job in a new field.

Learning and career advancement

At EntryLevel, we understand that shifting careers or breaking into a new industry, can be daunting. That's why our courses are structured to provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and hands-on experience that boosts your confidence and enhances your employability.

For more detailed information about our educational offerings and how they can help you pivot to a new career path, please visit: More about our courses.

EntryLevel is more than just a learning platform—it's your gateway to new professional possibilities. Whether you're looking to upgrade your skills, change industries, or start fresh in a new field, we're here to support your journey every step of the way.

We're only an email away: [email protected]

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