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Will I receive a job at the end of the course?
Will I receive a job at the end of the course?

Does EntryLevel assist with recruitment or guaranteed placement after the course?

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🥜 In a nutshell:

EntryLevel focuses on top-notch training for career transitions but doesn't guarantee job placement. However, we offer portfolio development as a way to enhance employability.

At EntryLevel, our primary mission is to provide top-notch training and reskilling opportunities to help you transition into or advance within your chosen career. Many prospective students wonder whether our courses guarantee job placement upon completion.

Educational focus and portfolio development

While EntryLevel is primarily an educational platform, we are deeply committed to equipping you with the practical skills necessary for the workforce. A key component of our courses is guiding you through the creation of a professional portfolio. This portfolio serves as a showcase of your new skills and projects, which you can present to potential employers at the end of your training.

Recruitment opportunities

Occasionally, we collaborate with recruiters who are interested in reviewing the work of outstanding students. It’s important to note that these opportunities depend on the recruiters’ specific needs and timelines, which are beyond EntryLevel’s control. In such instances, our role is to facilitate connections between top students and potential employers, not to guarantee employment.

Commitment to supporting your career goals

While we cannot promise job placement, we are continually exploring new ways to assist our students in their job search. This includes providing resources and guidance on how to effectively use your portfolio in job applications, networking strategies, and leveraging industry connections.

In summary, while EntryLevel does not offer guaranteed job placement, we are dedicated to your training and development, providing you with valuable tools and opportunities to improve your employability in your chosen field. We encourage you to leverage the skills, portfolio, and any networking opportunities you gain through our courses to enhance your career prospects.

If you have any issues or you would like to find fresh talents from our talent pool, our support team is available to match you with some of our top alumni.

We're only an email away: [email protected]

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