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What is MyFolio & how can I use it?
What is MyFolio & how can I use it?

Will EntryLevel help me get a job after I finish a course?

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πŸ₯œ In a nutshell:
MyFolio is EntryLevel's portfolio website builder that will help you to stand out in your job search.

At EntryLevel, we understand that completing a course is just the beginning; the real goal is to land a job at the end of your job search. This is why we've built MyFolio to help you get on the next leg of your career journey.

MyFolio is a mobile-friendly portfolio website builder created by EntryLevel to help you showcase your work projects effortlessly. With templates that make it easy to get started, you can create a professional portfolio in no time.


Key features of MyFolio

  • Mobile-friendly: Accessible on any device.

  • Templates: Easy-to-use templates to get you started.

  • EntryLevel Integration: Use your EntryLevel login to import your portfolio projects seamlessly.

How to get started with MyFolio

To get started building and sharing your portfolio, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign Up for MyFolio

2. Reserve your portfolio link with your name

  • Complete your profile with your name, bio, and LinkedIn URL. If you've set up your profile previously on EntryLevel, all your information will be imported automatically but you can tweak it further to your liking

3. Import or upload your project

  • Again, if you've submitted a portfolio project, this will be imported from your EntryLevel account for you, but you can update it by uploading a new one.

  • If you're yet to complete and submit a portfolio project, you can do that at a later time.

4. Publish your portfolio

  • Publish your portfolio to make it viewable by others.

  • You can add more projects to your portfolio as you go.

5. Share your portfolio

  • Share your new portfolio website on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to enhance your job search.

By following these steps, you can easily build a professional portfolio that showcases your skills and projects, making you stand out to potential employers.

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