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What is a portfolio and how will I create one?
What is a portfolio and how will I create one?
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At EntryLevel, our programs are meticulously designed around a core component: the development of a professional work portfolio. A portfolio is a curated collection of work that vividly demonstrates your skills and accomplishments to potential employers, showcasing your readiness and aptitude in your chosen field.

As you progress through our program, you'll engage in various projects and tasks, each contributing to the larger picture of your portfolio. This methodical accumulation ensures that by the conclusion of your studies, you have a comprehensive and cohesive document that encapsulates your learning journey and technical prowess.

In the final phase of your program, we will provide you with step-by-step guidelines and a flexible template to assist you in assembling your work. This process not only helps you understand how to effectively communicate your qualifications but also allows for personalization, making your portfolio a true reflection of your individual strengths and career aspirations.

Your completed portfolio is not just a requirement for graduation—it's a crucial asset for your future career, enhancing your job prospects and providing a professional showcase of your capabilities to impress future employers. At EntryLevel, we are committed to equipping you with the tools and support necessary to create a standout portfolio that opens doors to new opportunities.

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