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Do you have more advanced courses or only beginner courses?
Do you have more advanced courses or only beginner courses?

What is the difference between the fundamental and intermediate courses?

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🥜 In a nutshell:

EntryLevel provides beginner-friendly courses, offering both fundamental and intermediate levels of study. Start with fundamental courses for a solid foundation or directly enroll into intermediate courses if you're feeling confident. You can switch between levels within our change-of-mind window to ensure you find the right fit for your learning needs.

At EntryLevel, our courses are designed to accommodate learners at various stages, from beginners to more advanced students. To choose the course that best meets your educational needs, it's essential to understand the differences between fundamental and intermediate courses.

Getting the fundamentals

  • Focus: Fundamental courses are crafted to introduce the foundational concepts of the field. This level is ideal for newcomers or those seeking to solidify their understanding of basic principles.

  • Curriculum: The content covers introductory topics, ensuring you have a robust foundation upon which to build more advanced skills.

Advancing your knowledge

  • Focus: Intermediate courses build upon the foundation laid in fundamental courses, introducing more complex and advanced material. This level is suited for those who have a solid grasp of the basics and are ready to tackle more challenging aspects of the field.

  • Curriculum: Expect a deeper dive into the subject with more intricate projects and scenarios that simulate real-world applications.

Progression and advised learning path

While all our courses are beginner-friendly, we recommend starting with fundamental courses to ensure a comprehensive understanding of foundational concepts before moving to intermediate courses. This sequential approach facilitates easier learning and a better overall grasp of the subject.

Direct enrollment option

If you are confident in your understanding of the concepts covered in a fundamental course, you may choose to enroll directly in the intermediate course. We suggest reviewing the fundamental curriculum to confirm that you are comfortable with the materials taught.

You have the flexibility to change levels

We understand that you may reassess your skill level after starting a course. Therefore, we offer a change-of-mind window during which you can switch levels. If you begin with the intermediate course and find it overwhelming, you can switch to fundamental course within the first 14 days from the course's start date, as long as you have not completed 30% of the current course content, whichever comes first.

Choosing the right level of study will help ensure that you maximize your learning experience with EntryLevel and effectively achieve your educational goals. For more detailed information about what each level offers and to help you make an informed decision, please refer to our detailed course descriptions. You can find this information and more by visiting and clicking into any course you're interested in studying.

If you need further assistance or have questions about which level to choose, please contact our support team. We're here to help you fine-tune and reach your learning goal.

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