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How do you collect my data? What do you do with it?
How do you collect my data? What do you do with it?

What's your Privacy Policy?

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🥜 In a nutshell:

EntryLevel values your privacy. We collect data to improve our courses and facilitate opportunities within our network, and we prioritize transparency and security.

At EntryLevel, we prioritize the privacy and security of your personal data. We collect data as part of our efforts to continually improve our courses and to facilitate opportunities within our recruitment network. Here’s an overview of how we handle this process:

Data collection

We collect data that helps us enhance our educational offerings and tailor our courses to better meet the needs of our users. This includes data on your engagement and performance within the course to help us evaluate and refine our curriculum and instructional methods.

Usage of data for recruitment purposes

  • Work samples: As part of our courses, the work you produce may be showcased within our recruitment network. This allows potential employers to assess the quality of work produced by EntryLevel alumni. Please note that these samples are shared without any personal identifiers; they showcase your skills and capabilities purely based on the merits of the work itself.

  • Recruiter access: If a recruiter expresses interest in your work, EntryLevel will contact you directly to ask if you would like to opt-in for an introduction. This ensures that you have control over whether or not to pursue the opportunity, maintaining your privacy and autonomy throughout the process.

No requirement for personal information in project

Our courses are designed so that you do not need to provide personal information beyond what is necessary for enrollment and participation. We ensure that any data collected is relevant to the educational or recruitment purposes outlined.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

We strongly encourage you to review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These documents provide detailed information about how we handle data, including the collection, use, and protection of your personal information.

Your trust is important to us, and we are committed to protecting your personal data while providing valuable educational and professional opportunities. If you have any questions or concerns about how your data is handled, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We're only an email away: [email protected]

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