Why do we have deadlines?

Can I get the deadline extended?

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At EntryLevel, deadlines are a fundamental aspect of our course structure, serving multiple important purposes that align with both educational and professional standards.

1. Recruitment and Professional Preparedness:

  • Deadlines are crucial for developing your ability to manage time and workload effectively within a set timeframe—a key skill valued by employers. Demonstrating your capacity to adhere to schedules shows potential employers that you are reliable and can handle the pressures of a professional environment.

2. Integrity and Engagement:

  • We are committed to ensuring the integrity of our certification process. It is vital that certificates are awarded based on genuine effort and achievement. To prevent issues such as plagiarism or incomplete submissions, we require that all portfolios are peer-reviewed, and all submissions are thoroughly checked by the EntryLevel team.

3. Manageability and Fairness:

  • The review process for assignments and projects is extensive and demands significant time and resources. Setting deadlines helps us manage this workload effectively and ensures that every student's work is assessed fairly and thoroughly. Like many educational institutions, we rely on a structured timeline to maintain a high standard of academic integrity and operational efficiency.

4. Policy on Extensions:

  • Due to the reasons outlined, we are unable to offer individual extensions. This policy ensures that all students are treated equitably and that our team can maintain a manageable review schedule.

5. Consequences of Missing Deadlines:

  • If a deadline is missed, you will unfortunately not be eligible to receive a certificate of completion, though you will retain access to the course content for learning purposes.

6. Special Considerations:

  • We understand that extraordinary circumstances such as medical emergencies can occur. In such cases, we offer options to defer your enrollment to a future cohort or, if necessary, a refund. These cases typically require documentation, such as a medical certificate, to process.

Understanding the importance of deadlines in our courses will help you maximize your learning experience and prepare you for future professional challenges. We encourage you to approach these deadlines with the seriousness they warrant, recognizing them as opportunities to demonstrate your commitment and capabilities.

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