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What are badges and how do I earn them?
What are badges and how do I earn them?

Guide to Entry-Level badges

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After you join an EntryLevel program, our badges are one thing you can look forward! Badges can help you stay motivated and also reward other non-academic competencies that you demonstrate while taking the program! These badges represent your exceptional performance and commendable behavior throughout the program.

Here's everything you need to know about the five different types of badges you can earn during the program.

  1. Team Player Badge:

    Our learning model centers on peer-to-peer support for learning. You are able to ask for help and help others by hopping into your program team on the Discord Community so you can work alongside a team of peers. We award this badge for your participation.

  2. Team Leader Badge:

    This is the toughest badge to earn. A Team Leader is someone who has a profound impact on the learning of others and brings up the people around them. At the end of the program, we ask everyone who joined a Team to nominate ONE person in their group who they thought was the most helpful to those around them. The person with the most votes earns a Team Leader Badge.

  3. On-Time Badge:

    This badge is awarded when you keep up with the program schedule. If you complete every module before the following module opens, you will receive an On-Time Badge. Please note that all modules open on their respective dates at 12:00AM UTC.

  4. Critical Thinker Badge:

    If you are able to give constructive feedback on your peers' portfolios, you are eligible for this badge. A Critical Thinker goes above and beyond by providing feedback to as many portfolios as possible. You will receive 5 peer portfolios at the end of the program, but the minimum you are required to review is 3. Review all 5 to earn a Critical Thinker Badge.

  5. Academic Excellence Badge:

    This badge is only available in programs that include a final quiz. Students who achieve full marks in the final quiz of the program earn the Academic Excellence Badge.

You can see the badges you have earned displayed on your certificate, just like this:

Please note: Actual certificates will not include watermark.

Are you excited to start a program and strive to earn as many badges as possible to showcase on your certificate? Enrol now.

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