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Can I use the course instructor as my reference when applying for a job?
Can I use the course instructor as my reference when applying for a job?
Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, course instructors at EntryLevel are not suitable references for your job applications. Our instructors focus primarily on course development and facilitation, which limits their capacity to form personal connections with individual students. This structure is necessary to maintain the quality and scale of our programs but means that instructors lack the detailed insight into your specific skills and accomplishments that a job reference typically provides.

Given that instructors interact with numerous students across different sessions and cohorts, they are not equipped to provide the personalized endorsements that potential employers seek. Using them as references could inadvertently weaken your job application rather than strengthen it.

We encourage you to seek references from professionals who have directly observed your work and can vouch for your abilities and work ethic. This might include supervisors from internships, employment, volunteer positions, or even leaders of project groups in which you've been actively involved. These individuals are more likely to provide meaningful and supportive references that can effectively boost your job prospects.

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