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Can I complete a program using a phone?
Can I complete a program using a phone?

I don't have a laptop or computer and want to participate using my phone

Updated over a week ago

It is certainly possible to use your phone, and some of our students have been able to finish the course without a laptop or computer.

However, using a phone will add a significant layer of difficulty for you. All of our instructions are based on the assumption that you will be using a laptop, and some of our courses require the use of online tools that are not optimised for phones.

In particular, our Data Analysis and Financial Analyst programs are exceptionally difficult to complete on mobile devices due to the data processing tools used during the program.
While it may seem unfair that the program is not optimised for those who do not own a computer or laptop, the reason we have designed the program in this way is to help simulate the working environment, where you will most likely be using a computer.

For these reasons we do not recommend doing our programs on your mobile phone.

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