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Can I complete a program using a phone?
Can I complete a program using a phone?

I don't have a laptop or computer and want to participate using my phone

Updated over a week ago

Yes, it is technically possible to complete an EntryLevel program using just your smartphone. Some of our students have successfully navigated courses without access to a laptop or desktop computer. However, it's important to understand the challenges this may pose.

Our programs are primarily designed for completion on a laptop or desktop. This setup mirrors the typical professional environment and ensures you are comfortable with the tools and workflows you'll likely encounter in the workplace. Many course materials and instructions assume access to these devices, and some of the online tools required for specific programs, such as those for Data Analysis and Financial Analysis, are not fully optimized for mobile use.

Attempting courses on a mobile device might, therefore, introduce a significant layer of difficulty. Mobile interfaces can limit your ability to engage with course materials comprehensively and may affect your overall learning experience.

While we aim to be as inclusive as possible, the technical demands of certain programs mean that using a computer or laptop is advisable. If access to these devices is a concern, we encourage exploring local libraries or community centers that may offer the use of computers to complete your studies effectively.

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