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Will I receive a job at the end of the program?
Will I receive a job at the end of the program?

Does EntryLevel assist with recruitment or guaranteed placement after the course?

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EntryLevel is an education platform and our main focus is the training and reskilling of our candidates.

Before committing to one of our programs you may be asking, do your programs come with 100% guaranteed placement? Will I get a job opportunity after taking the program?

We understand that finding work is often the biggest motivator for learning a new skill and that is why our programs guide you through the process of making a professional portfolio that you can use to demonstrate your new skills to an employer at the end of the program.

We do sometimes work with recruiters who review the submissions of students who submit exceptional work. However please note that these recruiters operate according to their own employment needs and schedules which are outside of EntryLevel's influence. In these cases, the role of EntryLevel is to act as a facilitator for these opportunities.

We are also constantly on the lookout for ways that we can assist our students to find employment, however, we do not guarantee employment opportunities to anyone.

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