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How does EntryLevel make money?
How does EntryLevel make money?

Why are your courses cheap? Are your courses valuable?

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EntryLevel sustains its mission to upskill 1 billion people into tech jobs by 2030 through affordable entry fees and enterprise recruitment fees, alongside strategic partnerships with universities and efficient operations.

At EntryLevel, we have an ambitious mission to upskill or reskill 1 billion people globally into tech jobs by 2030. This goal drives everything we do, from the way we design our courses to the business models we adopt. But how do we sustain our operations and continue to provide high-quality, affordable education? Here’s a look at how EntryLevel generates revenue while staying true to our mission.

Entry fees

One of the primary ways EntryLevel makes money is through entry fees for our courses. Our pricing strategy focuses on keeping courses affordable, catering to both low and mid-range educational budgets. This approach allows us to differentiate ourselves in the market and attract a broad spectrum of the most activated learners. The fees collected help us cover the costs of developing comprehensive and high-quality content, compensating our experienced instructors, and maintaining our online learning platform.

Enterprise and business recruitment fees

In addition to entry fees, we generate revenue through enterprise and business recruitment fees. By partnering with companies and organizations looking to recruit skilled talent, we connect our graduates with potential employers. These partnerships benefit businesses by providing access to a pool of top-notch fresh talent, and we may receive fees for facilitating these connections. This not only helps sustain our operations but also enhances the employment prospects of our alumni.

Strategic partnerships with universities

EntryLevel strategically engages in enterprise sales and partnerships with progressive, forward-reaching universities to enhance our educational offerings and expand our reach. Through enterprise sales, we collaborate with educational institutions to provide tailored training programs that meet their specific workforce needs, generating revenue while ensuring their graduates are highly employable. Our partnerships with universities and educational institutions allow us to provide their students with cutting-edge tech skills and practical experience. These collaborations not only increase our credibility but also help us achieve our mission

We're the world's most efficient upskilling engine

We keep costs down by maintaining a small but highly efficient team and leveraging technology to supercharge the incredible talent on our team. Our enterprise partnerships with universities and schools help us expand our reach and enhance our credibility. Moreover, our mentors from top companies allow us to keep learning design overhead low while engaging top professionals and industry experts. These partnerships ensure that our students receive guidance and insights from those at the forefront of their fields.

We're committed to accessibility and quality in learning

Our mission to upskill or reskill 1 billion people drives us to maintain low costs while ensuring high quality. We’ve experimented with various business models in the past and found that our current approach best supports our mission. By keeping our courses affordable and offering exceptional value, we stand out in the market and are fast becoming the world's most efficient tech reskilling engine known for quality tech-enabled education with a global appeal.

We are constantly iterating our services and introducing new tools, such as AI, to make improvements in our learning experiences. Our commitment to innovation helps us stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech education landscape.

By combining entry fees with enterprise recruitment fees, we can continue offering high-quality, affordable education that empowers individuals to achieve their career goals. Our focus on accessibility, quality, and innovation drives us toward our mission of upskilling or reskilling 1 billion people into tech jobs by 2030.

Our support team is dedicated to ensuring you make the most of our impactful and accessible tech platform, helping you gain the skills they need to succeed in today's competitive job market.

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