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How to fit learning in your busy schedule
How to fit learning in your busy schedule

Time management tips and more information about how long it takes to learn in an EntryLevel course

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“I was a new mother, so it was strenuous for me…but I landed an internship after.”

This is Christiana’s story, and how she fit learning into her busy schedule.

“Two employers contacted me on LinkedIn asking to hire me, but I already got an internship.”

Transitioning careers into tech isn’t easy.

But it’s worth it.

After just 6 weeks of hard work, Christiana landed an internship in tech.

Learn in less than 5 hours a week

If you dedicate 30 minutes every day,

Or 2-3 hours every weekend

Just to learning…

Imagine how much you could accomplish.

Which is scarier:

Staying stuck where you are now,

Or spending a few minutes learning something interesting every day,

And ending up with a beautiful portfolio

Like this one?

Psst: you can see more student portfolios here:

Time management tip: add important dates to your calendar

It’ll help remind you to study every day or every week.

Set deadlines for yourself and stick to them.

Curious what it’s like to learn at EntryLevel?

Why learn with EntryLevel?

Here are some reasons why hundreds of students love learning with us:

  • Hands-on projects

  • Certificate with skill badges

  • Industry expert instruction (not just professors, but people working in the field)

Students have also said learning with EntryLevel is:

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