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Affordable ways to learn online
Affordable ways to learn online

Resources for your data learning journey

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Free resources

Free resources: (scroll down and filter by the career you're interested in)

But when you get something for free, remember:

You’re still paying…

With your time.

The time it takes to sift through resources,

To figure out which ones are valuable and which ones are outdated.

It could take years to learn something,

But with EntryLevel, it takes 6 weeks.

3 years from now, where would you rather be?

Still searching for resources online,

Or starting your new career,

With years of experience already?

“EntryLevel is worth the time, effort, and money.”

“It is worth the time, effort and money as you will be doing things you didn't think are possible in just 6 weeks.”

Students who’ve completed an EntryLevel course have gotten:

  • Pay raises

  • Higher-paying jobs in tech

But not just because they’re learning from industry experts.

Because they apply their learning in a hands-on portfolio project like this:

Psst: you can see more student portfolios here:

Get a refund if you change your mind within 14 days

Why learn with EntryLevel?

Here are some reasons why hundreds of students love learning with us:

  • Hands-on projects

  • Certificate with skill badges

  • Industry expert instruction (not just professors, but people working in the field)

Students have also said learning with EntryLevel is:

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