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Can I take more than one course at the same time?
Can I take more than one course at the same time?

Can I take multiple courses at once and what would the workload be like?

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🥜 In a nutshell:

You can enroll in multiple courses at once, with each requiring a separate entry fee. We recommend focusing on one course at a time, however, to maximize learning potential.

At EntryLevel, we admire the enthusiasm and ambition of students who wish to accelerate their learning by enrolling in multiple courses simultaneously. But can you do this and how does it work?

An entry fee is required

Yes, it is certainly possible to register for more than one course at a time. Each course, however, does require its own separate entry fee.

Consider the workload

While taking on multiple courses can be exciting, it's important to consider the significant workload associated with each. Our courses are designed to be immersive and comprehensive, often demanding a considerable amount of time and effort to complete successfully.

Should you take multiple courses?

While you can take multiple courses at once, we strongly recommend enrolling in one course at a time. This approach helps ensure that you can fully engage with and absorb each material, giving you the best opportunity to excel and truly benefit from the experience. Dedicating yourself to one course allows you to maximize your learning potential without spreading yourself too thin.

If you are confident in your ability to manage multiple commitments and still meet the rigorous demands of each course, we're here to support your ambitions. However, we advise carefully assessing your availability and personal capacity to handle the concurrent courses effectively.

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