Are there live classes?

Are there physical or in-person classes?

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At EntryLevel, all of our classes are conducted online and are designed to be flexible and accessible from anywhere at any time.

Course Structure: Our courses consist of a mix of pre-recorded video lectures, comprehensive written content, and interactive practical activities. This format ensures that you can learn at your own pace and revisit the material as needed to deepen your understanding or refine your skills.

Self-Paced Learning: While our courses are primarily self-paced, allowing you the freedom to manage your learning schedule according to your individual needs, there are two critical deadlines towards the end of the program. These deadlines are designed to keep you on track and ensure that you complete the course in a timely manner, allowing for a structured yet flexible learning experience.

This approach is ideal for learners who need the flexibility to balance education with personal and professional responsibilities. Dive into your studies at any time that suits you, with the assurance that our comprehensive learning materials are just a click away.

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