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How difficult is it to "pass" a program?
How difficult is it to "pass" a program?
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At EntryLevel, our programs are designed to be inclusive and achievable, focusing on learning and improvement rather than a strict pass/fail grading system. Here's how you can successfully complete our programs and earn your certificate:

Completion Criteria: To complete a program and receive a certificate, you need to actively participate and submit all required tasks by the designated deadlines. We define an "attempt" as:

  • Completing at least 50% of each individual task: This means engaging with the task to the extent that at least half of it is completed.

  • Submitting meaningful content: Ensure that your submissions are relevant to the task and fully completed. Blank or irrelevant submissions will not be counted as valid attempts.

  • Original work only: Your submissions must be your own work. Plagiarism or copying from others is strictly prohibited and will disqualify your submission.

Personal Effort and Engagement: The success of your learning experience largely depends on your commitment to the course. We encourage you to take full advantage of the program by engaging deeply with the content and submitting the best work possible. This proactive approach not only ensures you meet the completion criteria but also maximizes the educational benefits of the program.

Making the Most of Your Experience: While our programs are structured to support you every step of the way, the level of difficulty you experience may vary based on your prior knowledge and the effort you put in. We provide ample resources and support to help you overcome challenges and improve your skills throughout the course.

By meeting these criteria and dedicating yourself to the learning process, you can effectively "pass" the program and gain a valuable certificate that reflects your hard work and newly acquired skills.

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