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Help, I can't verify my Discord account with my phone number
Help, I can't verify my Discord account with my phone number

I'm not receiving an SMS text message for verification on Discord

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🥜 In a nutshell:

Discord only accepts mobile phone numbers for verification. VOIP, burner, and landline numbers won't work. Switch to a mobile number for successful verification.

Verifying your Discord account adds an extra layer of security, but it's important to use the correct type of phone number. If you're experiencing issues with phone verification, it may be due to the type of number you are using. Here’s what you need to know:

Types of phone numbers that won't work

  • VOIP numbers: Voice Over Internet Protocol numbers, which include services like Google Voice, are not accepted by Discord for verification purposes.

  • Burner/prepaid numbers: Temporary or prepaid cell numbers often fail during verification processes due to their transient nature.

  • Landline numbers: Traditional landline phone numbers cannot be used as they do not receive text messages, which are required for completing the verification process.

Accepted phone numbers

  • Mobile phone numbers: Discord requires a standard mobile phone number for verification. These numbers can receive SMS text messages, which is essential for completing the verification steps.

If you've been using any of the non-accepted phone number types for verification, switching to a mobile phone number should resolve the issue. Make sure the mobile number you use is active and capable of receiving SMS messages. This change should help you successfully verify your Discord account and enhance your security on the platform. If issues with your phone number for verification persists, please consider contacting Discord's support for further assistance.

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