EntryLevel is now offering our Nigerian users the ability to pay for our programs using the Tamborin platform at a discounted price.

After purchasing a course from Tamborin, users will receive a unique coupon code.

When you have obtained your coupon code, make an account on the EntryLevel platform via https://app.entrylevel.net/signup (if you have not done this already)

Log in to your account and select the course that is linked to your coupon code. Use the code at the payment stage

Please note: The coupon code is single use only, and sharing the code may invalidate the code for you and the person you shared it with!

For more help signing up watch our video guide here


Because of the discount provided to Tamborin users, and external party payment - users who pay via Tamborin will not be eligible for a refund upon completion of the program.

What we can offer instead of a refund, is that if the users complete the program, they will automatically be given a Premium Package, which is normally an optional purchase at the end of the program.

The package includes:

  • Permanent access to the content
  • A Premium Certificate
  • Additional reading materials
  • A letter of recommendation signed by the EntryLevel team