EntryLevel is now offering our eligible Nigerian users the opportunity to receive a full scholarship via Ingressive for Good.

Scholarships are granted by theIngressive for Good to whom you will also be required to inform of your course selection.

If you have received a scholarship please note that you are still required to sign up to the EntryLevel platform via https://app.entrylevel.net/signup

When signing up to EntryLevel, please use the same email you provided Ingressive for Good when you received your scholarship.
Failure to sign up before the course begins will result in the inability to participate in the program.

After signing up, you do not need to select an Experience, you automatically be granted access when the program begins.

For more help signing up watch our video guide here


Ordinarily, EntryLevel refunds their users if they are able to complete the course. We call this the commitment bond model.

However, by receiving a scholarship no commitment bond is required!

While education is its own reward, if you finish the course before the deadline the scholarship will grant you the added bonus of receiving a Premium Package, normally values at $99USD completely free.

The package includes:

  • Permanent access to the content
  • A Premium Certificate
  • Additional reading materials
  • A letter of recommendation signed by the EntryLevel team