So you have your EntryLevel Team Code ready and have joined our program server. What to do next?
Here are a couple of steps to follow: 
1. Follow the instructions on the Discord channel called "Verify First".

2. Click on Allocation-Bot, and send the EntryLevel Team code to Allocation-Bot. 

3. If you can't find the message inbox for the Allocation Bot, send a direct message instead, by clicking on the profile image of the Allocation bot, and then "Send Message". There you are able to input the Discord code. 
4. A successful message will pop up if you are verified!

5. If you are still unclear and need a step by step video, click on this link ->

Psst: If you have signed up for multiple programs and are being verified for the current discord program servers, please make sure you repeat the same verification process for your other programs. You can be allocated a team on the same server but in different program channels.