This occurs when you have disabled the settings to receive direct messages from everyone. 

How do I turn the direct messaging settings on?

1. Navigate to User settings ⚙️ right beside your username.

2. Once you are on the User Settings page, click on "Privacy & Safety" tab found on your left.

3. Once you are on the "Privacy & Safety" page, toggle this setting "allow direct messages from server members" found under "Server Privacy Defaults".

4. A "Server Privacy" window will pop up after you enabled it, make sure you click on "Yes" to allow all direct messaging on all servers. 


Now you will be able to message our Allocation bot with your EntryLevel Team Code. 

Note: Clicking on "No" still will cause the error to occur. If you are concerned about your privacy or do not wish to receive any Direct Messages from anyone, you can always turn this setting off once you have gained access to our Discord Program server.