So you have managed to join our Discord program server and got stuck at the verify-first channel because you can't find your personal Discord code to message our Allocation bot. Here's what you need to do: 

How to find the EntryLevel Team code on our platform: 

1. Login via with the same email account you registered with EntryLevel.


2. You will be redirected to the Experience page, once you are logged in successfully. 

3. Click on the enroled program that you are in, and you will land straight on the program dashboard. 

4. Navigate and click on the "Team" tab on your left, you will be to find our EntryLevel Team Code on the "Team" page

5. Enter your EntryLevel Team Code by messaging our Allocation Bot. 


6. Congrats, you have been successfully allocated a team!

Psst: This EntryLevel Team Code is only meant to use with our own EntryLevel allocation bot. It has no relation with the Discord app. So if you are prompted to verify your phone number, whilst logging on to the Discord app, you have to use the backup code provided by the Discord App or an Authy app!