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Why does EntryLevel do peer reviews?
Why does EntryLevel do peer reviews?

An explanation of EntryLevel's peer reviews

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Here are the reasons why we adopt the peer review model:

Improve your Communication Skills

Did you know 73% of companies want employees with strong written communication skills? Our peer reviews simulate a real-world work environment in which you give and receive feedback from your coworkers. By participating in peer review, you are strengthening your communication skills one review at a time.

Remember more of what you learn

Additionally, the peer review activity makes use of The Protégé Effect, which states that you learn better when you’re teaching others - or as we like to put it, “you remember 50% of what you learn, and 100% of what you teach.”

Reviewing others’ work helps you see their perspectives, and empathy is yet another important skill in the workplace (according to the CEO of Microsoft).

Combat Perfectionism: The Star Rating System

The star rating system is more about checking how much of the work is done rather than the quality of the work.

In a world where everyone feels imposter syndrome, we don’t want to discourage you from practicing what you’ve learned, even if you feel your work isn’t perfect. By checking for completion and effort rather than quality, we hope to encourage you to embrace the imperfect learning process.

Be Proactive: Getting Expert Feedback

We review your submissions to ensure your work is done. However, due to the size of each cohort, we are unable to provide personalized feedback for you.

In the workplace, you often have to be proactive in asking others for feedback. We encourage you to be proactive in seeking feedback from mentors on LinkedIn, WhatsApp groups, and your social media network. Taking initiative and making use of the resources available to you is something many employers look for, and you can start developing those skills now by proactively seeking feedback on your own.

We can only give you the tools to succeed - you must make the most use of your newfound tools by putting in the effort to build a career you can be proud of.

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