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My bank statement is showing two transactions, but I only authorized one payment
My bank statement is showing two transactions, but I only authorized one payment

it looks like I was double-charged for a transaction

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🥜 In a nutshell:

If you spot a duplicate charge on your bank statement after payment, it's likely an authorization hold, rather than a double transaction. These holds are temporary and usually resolve automatically.

If you notice what appears to be a double charge on your bank statement after making a payment to EntryLevel, it is likely due to a standard process known as an authorization hold rather than an actual double transaction.

Understanding authorization holds

  • What is an authorization hold? When you make a payment using a credit or debit card, your bank or credit card company may place an authorization hold on your account as a way to reserve funds until the transaction is fully processed. This hold ensures that sufficient funds are available for the transaction to go through. It is a common practice in many types of transactions.

  • Appearance on bank statement: This authorization hold may appear alongside the actual charge on your bank statement, making it initially appear that you've been charged twice for the same transaction.

Resolution timeline

  • Duration of the hold: The authorization hold is temporary and is typically removed within a few days to a month. Once the actual transaction is processed, the hold amount is released back into your account, and only the real charge remains. Oftentimes it will disappear from your bank statement as well.

Steps to take in case of an authorization hold

  1. Monitor your statement: Keep an eye on your bank statement over the next few days to see if the authorization hold is removed. It usually resolves without any need for action.

  2. Contact your bank: If the hold persists longer than expected or if you want immediate clarification, we recommend contacting your bank. They can provide specific details about the hold and the expected time for its removal.

We understand that seeing a double charge can be concerning, but please rest assured that it is typically a normal part of transaction processing. Our team is committed to ensuring your experience is hassle-free and is ready to assist with any issues that arise. We are here to ensure your transactions are smooth and to address any concerns you may have.

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