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What currency will I be billed in?
What currency will I be billed in?

How much do I have to pay after conversion?

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🥜 In a nutshell:

EntryLevel supports various currencies for global users. Billing is typically in your local currency; but if your local currency isn't available, you'll be billed in USD by default.

At EntryLevel, we support a wide range of currencies to accommodate our global user base, making the payment process as convenient as possible, regardless of your location.

Billing in your local currency

Our courses are priced in US Dollars (USD). However, wherever possible, we bill you in the currency of your country to avoid any unnecessary conversion fees and to simplify the transaction process. If your local currency is not listed, you will be billed in US Dollars (USD).

Accepted currencies for payment

Below is a comprehensive list of the currencies we accept, which allows you to be billed in your local currency or the default currency (US Dollars) for countries not listed below.:

  • USD (US Dollar)

  • AUD (Australian Dollar)

  • BRL (Brazilian Real)

  • BGN (Bulgarian Lev)

  • CAD (Canadian Dollar)

  • CZK (Czech Koruna)

  • DKK (Danish Krone)

  • EUR (Euro) - Supported across multiple countries in the Eurozone.

  • GIP (Gibraltar Pound)

  • HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)

  • HUF (Hungarian Forint)

  • INR (Indian Rupee)

  • IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

  • JPY (Japanese Yen)

  • CHF (Swiss Franc)

  • MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)

  • MXN (Mexican Peso)

  • NZD (New Zealand Dollar)

  • NOK (Norwegian Krone)

  • PLN (Polish Zloty)

  • RON (Romanian Leu)

  • SGD (Singapore Dollar)

  • SEK (Swedish Krona)

  • THB (Thai Baht)

  • PHP (Philippine Peso)

  • AED (UAE Dirham)

  • GBP (Pound Sterling)

How much do I have to pay as conversion rate or fees?

We recommend consulting with your bank or credit card provider to understand any fees that may apply for currency conversion if your local currency isn’t supported directly. This ensures that you are fully informed about any additional costs involved.

If you have any questions regarding payment currencies or need further assistance with your billing options, our support team is here to help. We aim to make your learning experience with EntryLevel as smooth and accommodating as possible.

We're only an email away: [email protected]

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